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The Visual Effects (VFX) courses have been designed keeping in mind the latest trends of the field.

Overview of VFX Courses in Kolkata by MAAC Dunlop

Visual effects, often known as Visual F/X or VFX, refer to the numerous techniques used to create and edit imagery outside of a live-action shot. To create environments that look realistic but would be risky, expensive, or simply impossible to record on film, visual effects frequently integrate live-action video and computer-generated imagery (CGI). VFX is the art behind live-action and animated movies. It is quite an interesting area to learn, and with MAAC Dunlop, you will get practical methods for the VFX animation course.

With the growing demand for VFX professionals in the gaming and entertainment industry, the demand for VFX courses in Kolkata is also increasing. This course aims to give students the core skills required to produce high-end, industry-standard visual effects that aren’t always possible to capture in a camera shot.

Choose among the Best Course at the VFX Training Institute in Kolkata

At MAAC Dunlop, students will have different VFX courses in Kolkata, including Advanced Program in Visual Effects, Program in Visual Effects, and Program in Composting & Editing. Students will have a practical learning experience using high-end tools for VFX. Students will learn to create digital compositions by combining live-action videos and computer-generated memory.

These courses cover a wide range of topics in comfortable time frames according to your needs and comfort without requiring you to pay out a sizable sum of money and burden your wallet with the cost of the education you want to pursue.

Reach your Goal with Affordable VFX Course Fees in Kolkata

With MAAC Dunlop, you are assured of affordable VFX course fees in Kolkata that will save you money, and you also get to learn from industry experts. The aim is to use subtle effects and flimsy notions of upholding standards and quality; the intention is to make an impression on the audience by turning the impossible into something that appears to be almost genuine.

The MAAC Dunlop’s VFX course uses cutting-edge software delivered on top-of-the-line equipment. After completing an integrated course in VFX, you will have various job options as a modeler, visual effects supervisor, technical director, and digital effects animator and painter. Under affordable VFX course fees in Kolkata at MAAC Dunlop, you are assured to be ready to enter into the complex field of animation.

Every course comes with a duration of 240 hours to 600 hours. You can select which suits your timeline and fee budget.

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Courses offered at MAAC Dunlop cover all aspects of VFX, including match and packaging, visual effects using specialized applications, and nonlinear editing. With our VFX animation course, you will get to learn about

From motion Graphics, to Matte Painting Development, Special Effects, and frame size, MAAC Dunlop ensures students learn using all tools and techniques and have a creative output in this demanding industry. Join MAAC Dunlop in Kolkata now.

Advanced Program in Visual Effects

Program in Visual Effects

Program in Composting & Editing


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