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Graphic, print, and web design courses get you placed in animation studios, production houses, web designing firms.

Overview of Graphic Design Courses in Kolkata

Graphic designing is a part of the online and offline business world. Whether you want to design a website or create a logo for a business, graphic design plays a key role. However, to be a professional graphic designer, one needs to have a practical learning experience under experts, and MAAC Dunlop offers the best graphic design courses in Kolkata. As Kolkata’s leading graphic design centre, MAAC Dunlop equips students with the most up-to-date Adobe tools and creative skills. It includes fundamental information on subjects like Photoshop, illustration, interface design, typography, photography, logo creation, poster creation, infographic creation, brand identification, prototype creation, animation, and web graphics. This course is offered to assist students in developing the abilities needed to communicate ideas effectively online.

Graphic design is currently the most in-demand course and a well-paying career path. Due to the quick changes in industries like advertising, entertainment, gaming, etc., the demand for graphic designers has recently increased. However, having formal training will help to acquire the technical skills required for this field.

Take a New Step of Creativity at Graphic Design Institute in Kolkata

Students taking graphic design courses in Kolkata are technically, artistically, and graphically prepared to produce convincing motions. Students thoroughly understand the fundamental concepts, components, and technicalities of graphic design.

The courses we provide at our graphic design centre in Kolkata are meant to equip students with the most recent developments in artistic animation technology. Students who take our animation-focused graphic design courses in Kolkata learn to produce stunning animated graphics. The best part is that the affordable graphic design course fees in Kolkata at MAAC Dunlop will save your money.

Budget-friendly Graphic Design Courses Fees in Kolkata

MAAC Dunlop has students from different backgrounds, so the course fees are affordable without compromising the quality. You can choose from the courses like Program in Print, Web, and 3D Animation, Program in Graphic, web & 2D Animation, and others. Each covers major aspects of graphic design under different course durations.

MAAC Dunlop- The Leading Graphic Design Center in Kolkata

We at MAAC Dunlop, the leading graphic design institute work towards encouraging creativity to help our youth become more active, creative, and exciting. Our team has dedicated more than ten years to conducting creative research and instruction. Organizations that hire creative brains regard our graphic design institute for its first-rate training.

You will have the chance to understand graphic design and website development here, enabling you to use your knowledge and talents in the construction of logos, site mock-ups, and stunning visuals for the website and motion logo design. This is a skill that everyone trying to further their creative profession needs to possess.

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Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation

Program In Graphic, Web & 2D Animation


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