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Get trained in all technical and aesthetic aspects of Interactive Design, Film-Making, 3D Animation, VFX, Compositing and Camera Tracking.

Overview of Animation Courses in Kolkata

One of the most sought-after courses today is animation/VFX. Since the gaming and entertainment industry is adopting high-end animation and VFX tools, students are more interested in it. Animation is more of a visual treat and involves employing cutting-edge technologies to create Visual Effects. India is growing in the animation industry, leading to several job opportunities there. Disney and other companies outsource their animation production to India. To learn the insight of animation and VFX with practical knowledge, MAAC Dunlop is the best animation institute in Kolkata.

For students looking animation course in Kolkata, MAAC Dunlop allows you creative freedom. MAAC Dunlop collaborates closely with leading industry professionals and animation powerhouses to give students the best possible industry exposure. The curriculum of the advanced course in animation and VFX is updated and designed to keep students’ requirements. Instructors use real-world project-oriented activities to help students acquire the most recent trends and techniques to get into the animation industry with vigour and passion.

The Objective of the Best Animation Institute in Dunlop

The main aim of using animation or VFX is to present the video with subtle effects and flimsy notions of upholding standards and quality. It makes the video look eye catchy. Animation courses in Kolkata make use of cutting-edge software delivered on top-of-the-line equipment. With the top post-production companies in the nation, the course comes with a maximum job opportunities. Being the best animation institute in Kolkata, students here will learn how to use various tools and techniques to produce high-quality animated images and graphics for films and more during the course.

Students can also take advantage of several chances in various entertainment and technological areas MAAC Dunlop offers. The International Program in Visual Arts and Design course covers all aspects of animation and VFX.

Learn the Full Curriculum under Animation Course Fees in Kolkata

When you seek admission for the animation and VFX course from MAAC Dunlop, you get the complete curriculum under affordable fees. The animation course fees in Kolkata at MAAC Dunlop are comparatively low, allowing you to get quality education. MAAC Dunlop, with its animation training course in Kolkata, guarantees to give you a learning environment like a studio so you may succeed in the media and entertainment sector.

Under our affordable animation course fees in Kolkata, you will save enough money. Our program of skill-based training combines workshop learning with hands-on instruction. The skill-based education here prepares students to be skilled enough in the animation course.

Get Practical Learning Experience with Animation Training Course in Kolkata

From learning visual effects and using adobe to final cut pro, students at MAAC Dunlop will have a good practical learning experience with animation training course in Kolkata. Learn to create animated characters and backgrounds for films and series. Join MAAC Dunlop’s animation course now.

International Program in Visual Arts and Design


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