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This course is designed keeping in mind vast usage of AR & VR technologies.

Overview of Augmented Courses in Kolkata

The development of Augmented Reality (AR) in different industries opens new technological directions. AR is utilized and benefited by the entertainment, medical, and many other industries. With the entertainment and creative industry adopting AR as a better approach, experts in this field are needed. MAAC Dunlop, the leading AR VR training institute in Kolkata, offers comprehensive courses in this field. With our augmented courses in Kolkata, students will gain practical knowledge about the field.

The comprehensive course gives you the knowledge and resources to create interactive augmented reality content in the entertaining and designing industry currently in great demand for user engagement. Augmented reality technology creates lifelike sights, sounds, and other sensations that mimic the experience of being physically present in a virtual environment using a mix of multi-projected settings.

Discover what it takes to create compelling AR that can be used in industries like entertainment and gaming. Under our augmented courses in Kolkata and correct expertise, you can work on high-end projects at prestigious firms in the most profitable roles. It’s the appropriate time to enter the area to strengthen your hold on in-demand tools because it is growing and offering newer prospects.

Gain Access to the Insight of Creative 3D Tools with our Virtual Reality Courses in Kolkata

MAAC Dunlop is not limited to offering augmented courses in Kolkata, but we also offer virtual reality courses in Kolkata. Our ambitious course in virtual reality will cover topics including game engine workflow, sound editing using VR, Working with Game Engine Lights, Camera and Animation, and others. It includes practical instruction emphasizing using the Unity3D engine to build a virtual world for Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. Under our course, you will learn the practical use of Adobe PS, Autodesk 3D Max, Adobe Audition, and others.

You will learn the fundamentals of the rapidly developing field of virtual reality as well as its industrial uses in this virtual reality course. Our virtual reality courses in Kolkata are for virtual reality enthusiasts and aspiring game developers.

Get into Insight of New Technology with AR/VR Training Institute in Kolkata

MAAC Dunlop, the leading AR/VR training institute in Kolkata, offers comprehensive courses and an updated curriculum that can help students in the entertainment and creative industry. Our certification course is recognized all over the world. With the aid of this qualification, you can land top jobs in renowned MNCs worldwide, increasing the value of your resume. The certification will be granted only after successfully completing our training and practice-based projects.

Save Money with our Affordable Augmented Reality Course

The augmented reality course fee at MAAC Dunlop is affordable, allowing students to save money. The VAR Plus course will cover all aspects of new technology for graphics and design at affordable fees. With hands-on activities covering the various topics and elements of VR game production, students, under the guidance of skilled professionals, will get training on creating games or designing using AR technology.

Join our game design training institute in Kolkata now and give your career new wings to get into AR/VR for gaming.

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