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Job oriented courses in animation, digital filmmaking, digital photography helps you quickly make a career in the media industry.

Overview of Short-Term Animation Courses in Kolkata

For students keen on getting into the animation or VFX industry, MAAC Dunlop offers short-term animation courses in Kolkata covering all aspects of the industry. The demand for excellent animators, designers, and artists is rising exponentially due to the worldwide animation industry’s expansion. Our short-term multimedia courses will train you on building industry-standard skills to keep you one step ahead of the competition and transform the industry,

No matter your field of study, you can take short-term or part-time, short-term 3d animation courses at MAAC Dunlop. Our animation programs are designed with a curriculum that adheres to industry standards, which makes it very simple for our students to look for the best job openings as soon as they graduate.

Gain Dynamic Skills with Short Term VFX Courses in Kolkata

Visual effects, or VFX, is a part of the entertainment and gaming industry. Since the need for VFX has recently increased in different industries, the demand for persons skilled in creating visual effects has multiplied. To fill this need for qualified, imaginative Visual Effects Artists who are prepared for the business, MAAC Dunlop offers a short-term VFX courses institute. The purpose of this course is to equip students with the tools they need to build a portfolio of their work to prepare them for the workplace’s difficulties.

Short-Term Multimedia Courses- Building a New Dimension to your Career

Regarding short-term multimedia courses, MAAC Dunlop isn’t limited to specific areas of the creative field. Students learning multimedia courses from MAAC Dunlop learn different areas, including Adobe Premiere; compositing & visual effects using Combustion & After Effects; and others. Our course includes Modelling & Texturing, Lighting, Maya Pro, Animation, Digital Filmmaking, and others. You can have a better learning experience with a sizeable number of students.

Multimedia is a rapidly developing technology bridging the gap between reality and magic. Our short-term multimedia courses are created and delivered with this in mind at very reasonable costs. For graduate and undergraduate students who want to pursue a career in multimedia, MAAC Dunlop is one of the leading multimedia design training institutes in Kolkata. These multimedia courses are designed to produce highly skilled and imaginative workers in animation, web design, and entertainment.

Learn to Bring Ideas to Life with our Short-Term 3D Animation Courses

3D animation is not just limited to science but has gradually taken over the entire entertainment sector. For this, our animation classes are the ideal program. With our short-term 3d animation courses, students could become animators and take up a job that demands skilled 3D animation work.

Numerous multinational companies, like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, and others, outsource work to Indian businesses. New software and tools are developed yearly to improve the animation process. From television and movies to mobile phones, video games, and software programs, 3D animation has transformed these industries.

If you want to learn more about a career in 3D animation, VFX, or similar areas, join MAAC Dunlop now and seek admission to our short-term multimedia courses in Kolkata.

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