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On completing MAAC Dunlop’s 2D & 3D animation courses in Kolkata (AD3D EDGE Plus, D3D, DAFM) feel the world of 2D & 3D Animation and get ready for exciting career-opportunities.

Give your Creativity a New Dimension with 2D/3D Animation Courses in Kolkata

Animation involves 2D/3D process of presenting ideas. Since the advent of computer animation decades ago, a parallel sector known as 2D/3D animation has been growing at its current rate. Thanks to the advancement in software, more and more students are taking up 2d/3d animation courses in Kolkata, and MAAC Dunlop is the leading institute to offer.

We give our students thorough instruction in 2D/3D animation with the advanced training covered in this course. Under the course, you will learn about various insider information, industry secrets, and helpful hints. In addition, our 2D animation training centre gives students the ability to develop their creative abilities through seminars, contests, and Visual Grammar classes.

The best 2d/3d animation course in Kolkata, students will get the insight of different areas. The course covers the entire animation pipeline’s life cycle, from paper to film, as well as the development process from the pre-production through post-production phases.

Objective of 2D/3D Animation Institute in Kolkata

As the leading 3D animation training institute in Kolkata, MAAC Dunlop ensures students engage in modern animation tools while learning. The advanced program in 3D animation covers all topics of modern animation tool. It focuses on recent skills used in creating international standard animations, feature films and other commercial forms of video. The complete approach of this course is practical and is for students who are keen to meet up with the multimedia industry and creativity.

Save your Money with our Affordable 2D/3D Animation Courses in Kolkata

MAAC Dunlop, the leading 2D/3D animation institute in Kolkata offers long-term animation courses under affordable fees. It has the best animation instructors includes traditional animators, animators, compositors, video editors, and sound editors. The 2D/3D animation course fees in Kolkata at MAAC Dunlop will cover all aspects of animation learning you need. Through the course, students will get the platform where they can feel free to work with all the components of 2D/3D animation, including sketching, painting, design fundamentals, illustration, and image editing. Here, we concentrate mostly on the fundamentals of animation, creative development, sketching, and digital illustrations.

Join the Best 3D Animation Training Institute in Kolkata

If you are among those students who are keen on the concept of 2D or 3D animation modelling or concept designing, MAAC Dunlop is the right training institute in Kolkata to join. Our cutting-edge institute is to stimulate imagination and innovation. The state-of-the-art and top-notch facilities are created to unleash your creative potential and jump-start studying in a hip environment you’d love to hang out in. So kickstart your journey to the new age animation course.

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