DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking

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Course Duration: 288 Hours

DAFM – Program in Animation Filmmaking

All the creative individuals who are eyeing a lucrative career in TV, Films, gaming, and simulations should opt for a course in animation film making from a reputed institute like MAAC Dunlop. Students pursuing this course will delve into an intense study of bringing the characters and story to life on screen in a highly engaging and interesting manner to the audiences. The objective of this animated film making course is to introduce beginner-level animators to concepts used by animated films artists. Thus, all students interested in animated film making can take their skills to the next level by opting for this course to begin their professional career in the right direction.

The animation film making course offered by our institute focuses on the technical as well as the creative aspects of film making and make students ready to begin their professional journey in the animation industry. Our DAFM course covers the broader range of animated film making students competent in storyboarding, cinematography, modeling, character design, texturing, 3D animation, lighting, etc. Students enrolling at our premium institute will not only get access to a dynamic curriculum but also an opportunity to attain the required skill in a studio-like atmosphere giving them the simulating environment. The courses are imparted through the certified trainers having industry-relevant teaching methodology to completely trained them about animation and film making process. Students opting for our courses will be rewarded with a successful and well-paid career in the field of animation.

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