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The Broadcast program gives you boundless potential to make a career in the broadcast industry as a UI designer, Graphics Artist or a Broadcast Designer.

Overview of Broadcast Courses in Kolkata

Students seeking our broadcast course will dwell in different areas, including journalism, digital media, and graphic. More students are getting into this area, which is why the demand for broadcast courses in Kolkata is in demand. MAAC Dunlop, the leading broadcast training institute in Kolkata, offers broadcast-plus courses covering all aspects of media and graphics. Upon completing the course, you will be equipped with the skills required to work in different areas of the broadcast. Every aspect of the media industry—from television networks to production companies—is pushing toward creative, cutting-edge methods of content broadcasting. The broadcast industry’s explosive growth has increased the demand for talented and aspirational people who wish to become broadcast professionals.

Compared to print media, the reach of broadcast media is greater. Our specially designed broadcast courses in Dunlop offered by MAAC shed light on current traditional and contemporary technology.

Broadcast Training Institute in Kolkata –Preparing Creative Minds for Broadcasting Platforms

There is a huge demand for skilled people seeking careers in the broadcast industry because of the broadcasting platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. We at MAAC Dunlop, through our broadcast technology training, are providing you with the ideal opportunity to pursue a career in this industry due to the rising demand for material for broadcasting platforms.

Our broadcast courses in Kolkata cover different areas in the content, including 2D/3D motion graphics, digital design, layer-based compositing, sound editing, and others. Furthermore, the course covers all the fundamentals of digital filmmaking and digital design, lighting, rendering, and FCP editing. With the help of our broadcast courses in Kolkata, we make a great entrance into the broadcast sector. With the demand for broadcast media always increasing, you may prepare for a successful career in the field with MAAC’s Broadcast Plus program.

Get the Required Skills with MAAC Dunlop's Broadcast Technology Training

MAAC Dunlop’s broadcast technology training might range greatly in subject matter and methodology. Our team of industry experts emphasize 360-degree learning. Moreover, students have the chance to develop their academic and professional potential. In addition, they frequently connect with industry leaders and gain valuable exposure.

We have been launching successful media professionals thanks to our well-balanced theoretical and practical teaching methods. Also, students can learn from a favourable learning environment that fosters their whole personality. Once you complete the course, you can join as a 2D Motion Graphics Artist, 3D Motion Graphics Artist, Corporate Presentation Specialist, Broadcast Designer, and others.

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