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Course Duration: 441 Hours

Broadcast Plus – Program in Broadcast Design

With the growing rage towards broadcast content, right from the television channels to production houses, every wing of the media industry is looking to hire an expert in the glamorous and dynamic broadcast industry. Thus, a program in Broadcast Design is high in demand course of MAAC Dunlop opted by innumerable talented and aspiring individuals, who wish to make a career as a broadcast professional. The candidates enrolled in this course attain proficiency in utilizing computer-aided design and efficiently work with animation and 3-D design elements and know to work perfectly with color, space, composition, text, and audio. Working either in print, television, or film industry companies, the broadcast designers visually convey messages innovatively and cost-effectively.

The broadcasting platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have led to the rapid growth of the broadcast industry creating a massive demand for talented individuals looking to make a career in this field. With the increase in the demand for content for the broadcasting platforms, we at MAAC Dunlop give you the best platform to build a career in this field. Candidates pursuing this will attain comprehensive knowledge, as of right from the basics of digital film making to digital design, and from lighting and rendering to editing with FCP, the students will be trained in every major aspect of broadcasting. With the inclusion of all the latest software like Premiere, Audition, and Photoshop, our course is just perfect for students to attain all the required skills of broadcast professionals.

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