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A special course in gaming helps you learn to create games for PCs, laptops mobiles, and tablets.

Overview of Game Designing Courses in Kolkata

Game designing or development is the process of generating video games. It involves creating graphics and characters to make it more engaging. It comprises the creation of game versions for various platforms, such as PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, as well as the development of new titles and the updating and maintenance of current ones. There is a good demand for game design experts, thus more and more students are seeking game designing courses in Kolkata from the respective institute.

MAAC Dunlop is the leading game designing training institute in Kolkata offering students a chance to learn the insight of computer programming, design expertise, animation and 3D modelling, game architecture and design, knowledge of game engines, and more. You can succeed as a game developer if you have the perfect mix of these abilities.

With the Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games, MAAC Dunlop ensures students can learn the insight of gaming designing and be creatively informed.

Gain the Benefits of Learning Digital Game Design in MAAC Dunlop

With our course on digital game design in Dunlop, you will gain multiple benefits. Some of these are-

  • Insight Knowledge of Programming Language- Our course will allow students to understand programming language including C++, C#, Java, or other scripting languages like Python and Lua, which are essential for game creators.
  • Game Engines- Knowing game engines, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and others, will be helpful when beginning a project to produce a game.
  • Understanding of Game Design- For the creation of high-quality games, knowledge of game design concepts such as rules and mechanics, game balance, and game AI are crucial.
  • Artistic Skills- Creativity is necessary to make games entertaining and engaging. Artwork, UI/UX components, and other visual designs are crucial parts of the game development process.

Game developers are the one who creates a video game. They are skilled enough to control anything, such as how quickly your character moves, as well as how many adversaries come at certain times and how they behave when assaulted. Our game designing courses starts with the fundamentals of coding before moving on to utilising Java Script to recreate vintage 2D games. They will get to learn about the production of 3D/2D games.

Get Practical Learning Experience at our Game Design Training Institute in Kolkata

We at MAAC Dunlop ensure that each student goes through a practical learning experience. The approach used by MAAC Dunlop is practical. Students work on conceptual, speculative, collaborative, real-life, real-time projects that are led by professionals in order to understand and master in game design disciplines. Making professional portfolios to display their work is a skill taught to our students as it is the key to having successful industrial careers.

Join our Affordable Game Development Courses Now

If you are wondering about the game development course fee, MAAC Dunlop offers affordable courses. Our 576 hours of course covering all aspects of game designing course won’t cost you high, also won’t compromise the quality of our teaching. So, join MAAC Dunlop now and get certified from professional game design training institute in Kolkata.

Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games


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