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Course Duration: 576 Hours

ADIDG – Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games

All the aspiring game developers and game designers looking to hone their skills in the intricacies of game design and development can enroll for ADIDG course at MAAC Dunlop. The course ADIDG or Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games will allow you to foray into an exciting career in a field that is rapidly expanding. Our ADIDG course caters to all requirements that are essential for becoming an adept game designer, the creative force responsible to bring video game experiences to an altogether different level.

The Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games is a fine blend of Science, Art, and Technology offering comprehensive training in creating augmented & virtual designs for interactive media. The course will cover all essential skill sets and knowledge to impart mastery in game designing as well as development. The extensive curriculum covers end-to-end topics, right from the fundamentals of design to game level design and integration, our course focuses on concept building as well as software training.

Our ADIDG course empowers you with the entire process of game designing and developing, right from creating an engaging game environment through fascinating characters and scenarios to mastering design visualization, digital sculpting, character animation, and game asset creation, you will become a pro of game designing. The course has multidisciplinary support from design foundation, graphic, interface design, along with all aspects of User Experience Design, empowering you to successfully enter this booming industry.

ADIDG course offered at MAAC Dunlop will train you in all the essential tools and software essential for creating augmented and virtual reality designs like Unity Game Engine, Photoshop, Audition, are 3ds Max, Maya, Lumion, SketchUp, Animate, along with Unreal Game Engine. With the sound knowledge of these tools and software, you are sure to land up in top and reputed studios that are ready to hire all-round game designers who can work upon high-stake projects.

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