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Course Duration: 600 Hours

AD3D EDGE Plus – Advanced Program in 3D Animation1

AD3D EDGE Plus is a meticulously created flagship course of MAAC that effortlessly transforms a passionate aspirant into a professional 3D artist. Students joining this course will receive hands-on training in the latest software such as Mudbox, Maya, Autodesk 3ds, Fusion, Adobe Audition, etc. Besides the software knowledge, students will also acquire other essential skills like directing, story writing, cinematography, editing, and lighting that are essential to become a successful 3D animator. Students who love to fly in the imaginary world of 3D animation will surely fall in love with this MAAC Dunlop course.

AD3D EDGE Plus is a 3D animation course offered by MAAC Dunlop designed for students who wish to master the complete animation film making process, right from pre-production and production to post-production. This leading animation institute has imbibed the latest animation and designing software in its curriculum that allows students to have an in-depth understanding of new-age production workflow and widen their learning horizon.

All the aspiring animators who are looking to foray into the animation field will find this animation course beneficial. The candidates will be polished and equipped with all the essential skills that are mandatory to become a successful 3D animator. The students will not only be acquainted with software like Autodesk Mudbox, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk MotionBuilder, and Blackmagic Fusion, but they also acquire essential animator skills such as cinematography, video editing. Storyboarding, look development, and digital sculpting.

Candidates on successfully completing this course are ready to start their stint with 3D animation and are greatly demanded by gaming studios, animation studios, and graphic film production houses. Students at the end of the course have the option to specialize either in lighting & shading, modelling & texturing, or animation.

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