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Course Duration: 72 Hours

Modeling & Texturing

Students and professionals who are aiming to become an animation professional can take up this Modelling & Texturing course offered by MAAC Dunlop. This five-month course can immediately be joined after the 12th, as students just need to be creative and innovative to pursue this course. MAAC Dunlop imparts highly advanced training in Modelling and Texturing making candidates proficient in creating 3D model characters for films and games. The students of this leading institute get the opportunity to get trained under the guidance of highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty, who trained them in the fundamentals of anatomy, sculpture, painting, and design. Students undergoing this course get an insight into inorganic modelling, digital sculpting, and the stylized and low-poly character design. The curriculum offered by this institute imparts an in-depth skillset that is mandatory for this industry.

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