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Course Duration: 388 Hours

VFX PLUS- Program in Visual Effects

The growing use of VFX in Bollywood movies like Baahubali to web series like Games of Thrones has generated immense scope for the skilled professionals. If you too have a fascination for visual effects, then the MAAC Dunlop VFX Plus course will help you achieve your dream with the right set of skills and knowledge. Our VFX course will make you proficient in the special effects field and allow you to create an environment and characters in reel-life that is hard to create in real life. Our professional VFX course will help you bring out your inner talent to create 3D animations, control the weather onscreen and make the impossible look real. VFX are created using software and editing techniques to create a scene in a film that is otherwise difficult to create. If you are familiar with Star Wars then you can understand the power of visual effects and their significance in the movies.

VFX Plus is a professional course offered by MAAC Dunlop providing an insight into an authentic studio environment and also impart training on the latest visual effects software and techniques that have become an essential part of film making. Students and professionals enrolled in the course are sure to attain proficiency and master visual effects. Learning under the able guidance of certified trainers and the use of the latest software, products of this premium institute create the details that bring stories to life.

On enrolling with MAAC Dunlop, you will get to learn VFX from seasoned industry experts who have years of real-world experience. You will get hands-on training on specialized expert-led visual effects programs that will provide you a competitive edge and help you develop the required job skills. Our course covers diverse VFX topics ranging from fundamental digital designs, clean plate & wire removal, layer-based composting to match moving & camera tracking. The course is just ideal that prepares you to work on high-end projects.

Our VFX Plus course curriculum includes all the latest VFX software such as Fusion, Mocha, After Effects, RealFlow, PFTrack, Nuke, Photoshop, and many more. We will train you in all the latest tools and practices that are essential for holding a vital position in the VFX industry like video editor, match moving artist, and motion graphic artist amongst others.

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