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Course Duration: 600 Hours

ADVFX PLUS – Advanced Program in Visual Effects

Individuals who are passionate about film, technology, design, coding, and digital art and are looking to acquire skills in visual effects that open dozen of possible career paths across multiple industries, then Advanced Program in Visual Effects course from MAAC Dunlop will serve as a perfect launchpad. Enroll in this ADVFX Plus course today to obtain proficiency in fundamentals and advanced techniques of VFX artistry. With this well-designed course, students will learn the integration of video camera footage and generated imagery to create realistic environments that otherwise would be expensive, complex, time-consuming, and impossible to capture in films. The advanced program in visual effects will help students become thorough professionals who can turn an ordinary scene into unparalleled visual effects.

Visual effects are today used across diverse industries, as of right from TV programmes to feature films to video games to animation and commercials, VFX are widely used across the entertainment industry. Many national and international movies have achieved stupendous success globally only because of brilliant visual effects that have further increased people’s fascination toward this highly creative and challenging career.

Thus, all individuals who want to be successful VFX artists can join our ADVFX Plus course that is effectively designed to cover both the fundamental and advanced skills. Our VFX course covers a wide range of topics ranging from the basics of 3D film making such as storyboarding and pre-production to advance level topics like digital design, editing, and motion graphics.

Our ADVFX Plus course will not only train candidates in using the latest tools and technologies but also help them gain a thorough understanding of the new-age production workflow. So all the VFX enthusiasts looking to enhance their visual effects skills and efficiently meet the entertainment industry requirements can join our course today. Get ready to experience a studio-like environment in our practical training sessions, offering candidates a glimpse of the life of a professional VFX artist.

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