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What Are The Types of Animation to Learn to Become An Animators?

Animation is the art of making one character that can make you feel alive with the best shape and lines. The term animation is mostly used for films, games, and advertisements.  There are huge career opportunities in animation every year with new tools, techniques, processes, and many more. Join MAAC Dunlop which provides the best 3D animation course in Kolkata and comes with the best faculty, studio, training, and many more. In this blog, we will be discussing in brief the Top Types of Animation to Learn to Become the Best Animators. Let’s discuss things in detail. Let’s discuss things in detail.

2D Animation:

2D animation is a process of creating a movement of a character by sequencing the images in two-dimensional space. In the process of making a 2D animation video, one second of the video needs 24 images to create the illusion of movement without needing to animate all 24 frames.

Here in 2D animation, digital rigging is a process of creating the character and that allows the learners to create a skeleton and other body parts to animate. This method is a huge time-saver for animators that allows them to create one frame at a time.

The software that is important in 2D animation is:

  • Adobe After Effects.
  • Toon Boom Harmony.

3D Animation:

3D animation is the art of bringing characters digitally in the form of a person, vehicle, and other props. It is more mechanical and advanced in comparison to 2D animation. It also brings more detail and motion into character design. The knowledge of 3D animation will help you more in enhancing your character.

The software that is important in 3D animation is:

  • Auto Desk MAYA.
  • Blender

Motion Graphics:

Like 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics are created by the two important things designing frames, and using tweens to simulate smooth motion between frames. Text logos and simple images can be animated using motion graphics animation. They are frequently seen in animated logos, explainer videos for opening and closing credits in movies and television shows, and the visuals that appear over sports plays on television. Both 2D and 3D visuals can be created for these.

Motion Capture:

Motion capture is another advanced feature of 3D animations. In motion capture animation software translates from sensors to digital versions. This animation is mostly used in movies like Avatar, The Incredibles, and many more.

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These are the types of animation to learn to become an animators. Animation has huge demand in the market. It is the art of presenting the product with a real transparent method and that too featuring proper knowledge. and emerging with the best career opportunities. With the growing popularity, the competition is also rising in the field of animation. Therefore, it is very important to be part of the 3D animation institute in Kolkata that will feature the best knowledge of animation.