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How to Build Career in 2D/3D Animation in 2023?

Are you an inspiring artist who loves working around animation videos? Want to make it your long-term career and learn more insight? This article is for you. Be it a short film, motion movies or video games, computers and CGI are used by 3D animators to bring their creations to life in anything. 2D/3D animation is part of the process, and you must have good knowledge. A five-minute animation requires much work, whether with live-action actors, models, or backdrops.

If you’ve ever seen a Pixar short, you’ve probably noticed that the credits are almost as long to watch as the short. This is because so many people must collaborate to make the animation look realistic. If these excite you and you want to make 2D/3D animation your career in 2023, we are here to guide you.

Tips to build career in 2D/3D animation in 2023

  • Get Professional Training

Most aspirants who enter the field of 2D/3D animation are typically seeking employment that allows them to feel professionally fulfilled, whether in an artistic or technical capacity. Most 2d/3D animators already know the area they want to specialize in before they graduate because of the financial commitment and academic work needed to acquire a degree. They are at a unique advantage because they may create and customize their profiles to highlight their expertise in their selected fields. A few institutions also focus on turning out 3D animators, but they are significantly more expensive than conventional institutions.

Returning to school is still possible if you are a working professional and getting a professional certificate. The same abilities are taught in a certification course but require substantially less time and money to complete. Most certification training programs align with industry standards, making them more useful and job oriented.

  • Gain Soft Skills

You’ll need patience to develop your 2D/3D animator skills. As was previously stated, learning animation is a process that demands enough time until you gain the skills. It is best to gain patience while patient with yourself and the animation process. It could take weeks and weeks to complete a single ten-second animation, but that’s frequently what it takes to make a fantastic animation. Never try to rush it.

  • Know what kind of Animator you can become

While you prepare to become a 2D/3D animator, it’s crucial to have a clear idea of the direction you want to go. Would you like to work on animated films produced by Pixar and DreamWorks? Or perhaps you want to play some games? Whatever the area, you must be aware of your ultimate objective. You will have different roles as a 2D/3D animator, so it is best to know about the same.

Typically, each business prefers a particular type of animation. If you eventually want to work on Transformers, you shouldn’t start simply creating intense battle scenes. Instead, focus on understanding the foundations of animation so that when your skills improve, you can try out the same in different job roles.


A career in animation is both immensely enjoyable and difficult. It completely depends on how well you take it up to the next step now that you know what it takes to succeed as a 3D animator. MAAC Dunlop offers 2D/3D animation courses to prepare for the job and further challenges in the field.

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