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Find The Best Animation Courses After 12th Class In Kolkata For A Brighter Future And A Prosperous Career

Your knowledge and certification in animation can give you a prosperous career. Today, animation is a multi-billion dollar industry expanding fast creating huge opportunities for professionals and experts. Animation and multimedia industry offering career prospects across an array of profiles starting from pure technology-intensive jobs to creative and artistic jobs. With time, several new opportunities are also created. As such the animation as a subject and as a profession is still evolving. You can become a part of this industry by passing the right animation courses after 12th class in Kolkata. Training is important for gaining an expert-level skill that can give you recognition as a professional animator or multimedia expert. That means, to become a successful animator, you must join a diploma course in animation in a premium institute in Kolkata.

Jobs and Career Prospects in Animation

Today, the animation is an indispensable part of gaming, entertainment, advertisement, education, engineering, and business. Animators are also required in 3D and 2D modeling, computer simulation, web designing, graphic designing, and CD-ROM production. Animators have high demand in the software industry as well due to different reasons like app designing, enhancing customer experience, and developing graphics for smooth sailing customer interaction.

As a professional animator, you can work in the following sectors:

  • Online and off-line video game designing
  • Print news and online news media
  • Social media platforms for product promotion
  • E-book designing
  • E-learning course designing
  • PPT presentations
  • Training programmer designing
  • Cartoon designing

India currently has around 400 studios where the entertainment industry and gaming industry keep working on different projects. These two sectors are the highest job providers for professional animators. Moreover, hundreds of animators are required for accomplishing the bobs outsourced by other countries to India. Indian animators have high demand in the above-mentioned sectors. If you can complete the right animation courses after 12th class in Kolkata, a bright future and prosperous career await you.

Skills Required for Animation Jobs

Of course, you have to be a skilled animator. Our certification will also count in the job market. As you get experienced being a part of different projects, your demand in the job market will increase steadily.

Following are some other hard and soft skills that are counted in this industry:

  • Artistic creativity and colour sense
  • Interest in learning and understanding human and animal body expressions
  • Ability to jot down the ideas on white paper
  • Basic computer skill along with professional knowledge of different animation software systems
  • Excellent visual imagination
  • Eagerness to learn something new

Animation as a career is a good choice for the new generation of students and professionals. The right time to start is after 12th standard. Choose the best institute in your city and acquire all skills that could make you a professional animator.

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