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Expert Graphic Design Courses: Level Up Your Skills

Program in Graphic, Web & 2D Animation at MAAC Dunlop is a best graphic design courses in kolkata. MAAC Dunlop prepares you to find the best job opportunities in web, graphics and animation industry. The course provides an in-depth insight into graphics, web design, and 2D animation. Starting with the fundamentals of design and drawing, the program takes you through the various facets of graphics and animation sector with special focus on 2D animation.

Our well-researched and apt formulated multimedia and design course allow students to gain a solid foundation in creative and abstract skills. Candidates can easily integrate the latest technology and knowledge in visual communication, as they will be trained in effectively using images, words, symbols, and letters for communication and portraying the right message to the right audience and at the right time.

Enrol in Multimedia & Design course and get enriched by the concepts of interactive multimedia development through collaborative learning. You will acquire in-depth knowledge on the fundamentals of interactive computing, website architecture, interactive multimedia design and development.

To enrol for the course, here’s what you need to do
1. Click on Multimedia and Graphic Design and check out the course-related details
2. Fill in your details in the Student Enquiry form
3. Attend a free career counseling session that we arrange for you
4. Join the course and get ready for a bright career in the multimedia world.

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