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Discover the Best Animation Courses for Aspiring Animators

Regarded as one of the flagship & best animation courses in Kolkata of MAAC, Advanced Program in 3D Animation (AD3DEDGE PLUS) takes you through the advance level of 3D animation filmmaking. With hands-on training on software including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Blackmagic Fusion and Autodesk MotionBuilder. AD3DEDGE PLUS also gives you a thorough understanding about storyboarding, video editing, cinematography, look development and digital sculpting. We offers a comprehensive coverage of core practical and artistic skills. With special focus on character acting and creature animation. Our 3D animation course covers all the essentials that students will need to get started with their animation career.

The course will include body mechanics and creating character walk cycles. No matter whether students are joining this course right after their college or to upgrade their skills. Our specialized 3D-animation programs will help them develop practical job skills that will prove detrimental throughout their career. Students need to visit our MAAC Dunlop to pursue a 3D animation course. This will equip student with the required creative and technical skills. Its also help them move in the industry. Thus, the candidates will be polished and equipped with all the essential skills. Those skills are mandatory to become a successful and best 3D animator.

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Stayed tuned with us at Career In Animation. Students who love to fly in the imaginary world of 3D animation will surely fall in love with this MAAC Dunlop best animation course.

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